Britannica A-Level Biology / Продвинутый Уровень: Биология

Britannica A-Level Biology / Продвинутый Уровень: Биология

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Britannica A-Level Biology / Продвинутый Уровень: Биология

Год выпуска: 2006

Издатель: Idigicon

Серия: Encyclopaedia Britannica A Level

Язык интерфейса: Английский

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Описание: Encyclopaedia Britannica A-level Biology is suitable for any student who is serious about studying and who wants to achieve the best grade possible. The program's clear, patient and structured delivery will aid understanding and assist the student in developing a confident approach to answering A level questions.

Topics Covered:

Molecular Biology

Cell Ultrastructure

The Genetic Code

Variation and Inheritance

Energy and Living Organisms

Transport Systems


Energy Flow through Ecosystems

Доп. информация: A levels (short for advanced level) are British educational qualifications which schoolchildren take when they are seventeen or eighteen years old. People usually need A levels if they want to go to university in Britain.